Why Smyrna?

A deep connection to its roots and a progressive strategy for the future set Smyrna apart.  In addition to being the fastest growing town in Delaware, Smyrna looks for opportunities to improve the town, including infrastructure upgrades, a new state-of-the-art police station, a beautiful regional library and ongoing revitalization of the historic downtown.

There are several reasons to choose Smyrna as a place to do business:

Location & Convenience

Smyrna is the demographic center of Delaware, and the center of the State’s population.  Businesses based in Smyrna can easily access a network of modern roads to move goods and services across the state, throughout the region or across the country, and proximate to as many customers to the north as to the south.


The cost of living in Smyrna is among the lowest in Delaware.  In fact, the cost of living in Smyrna is lower than the national average.


Business Booming

Smyrna Cool

Quality of Life

Smyrna is big enough to matter, yet small enough to know your neighbor. By holding fast to its history while stepping confidently toward its future, Smyrna offers a lifestyle that suits nearly everyone.

Supportive Leadership

Smyrna wants your business. The town offers a business-friendly environment, an active and engaged business community, supportive government infrastructure and resources that can help every size business off to a great start.

Get familiar with Smyrna’s government resource committees:
Economic Development Committee (EDC)
Redevelopment Authority (RDA)
Business Development Committee (BDC)