Economic Development Committee

Smyrna’s Economic Development Committee (EDC) is designated by Town Council and chaired by the Vice Mayor.  The mission of the EDC is to:

  • Retain: help local businesses maintain, grow and expand in Smyrna
  • Recruit: identify and market to appropriate potential new businesses to locate and establish a presence in Smyrna
  • Assist: provide high quality public services, ensure fair regulation and participate in local promotional and business events
  • Inform: provide marketing and other business information, report on federal and state initiatives and proposals and involve the business community in policy and regulatory processes
  • Promote: market Smyrna’s assets and opportunities, develop and provide promotional materials and coordinate on behalf of Smyrna’s business community with economic development and business entities locally and regionally
  • Communicate: provide information about the activities, goals and results of Business Development Committee efforts, in addition to meeting periodically with Smyrna stakeholders and prospective stakeholders to share information with a primary purpose of advancing business and sense of place goals.